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Marketing’s Reality:

Adapt to your customers’ unique needs at each stage of the buying journey, or risk losing business to your competitors.

Adaptive Journeys Enables Smarter Marketing

Our intuitive and integrated marketing automation platform is built to help marketers, like you, respond and engage at every step of the customer journey. With Act-On, you’ll have the insight to make data-driven decisions resulting in an exceptional customer experience – that’s both relevant and personalized.

Act-On’s innovative capabilities enable you to leverage machine-learning data to make your marketing programs work for you, not against you. How, you ask? By delivering on our Adaptive Journeys vision and releasing new features each quarter that’ll help rocket you to marketing automation success!

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“Act-On is a Visionary in this Magic Quadrant, based on its stand-alone lead management application, client and revenue growth, industry vision and value-based pricing.”

– 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management
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Generate More Leads.

Stop wasting time on inefficient processes and start focusing on programs that generate the most high-quality leads for your business.

Take control of your marketing campaigns
and stop relying on web developers for content creation with easy to use landing page and form composers


Save time and respond faster
with automated webinar programs and integrations

Webinar Integration
Ashlee Bartko

“Of all the marketing automation platforms I’ve used, Act-On’s is the easiest for developing and editing content. I especially love that you can convert an email to a landing page without having to recreate it.”

Marketing Manager, Touchtown

Build Prospects’ Trust.

Keeping up with buyer’s expectations is becoming ever more challenging. Prospects demand more personalized messaging – based on their unique needs and preferences –
to aid them along their customer journey.

Identify prospects
that are most engaged

Activity Scoring

Progress leads through the funnel
with timely messaging that educates them about your brand and communicates how you can help solve their challenges

Lead nurture

Segment leads in real time
based on prospect interactions


Optimize your messaging strategy
with testing, not guessing

AB Testing
Cyril Manning

“Act-On helped us see our audience as a collection of distinct individuals, and it empowered us to segment our list and deliver targeted messages that moved them to action.”

Director of Communications, Save the Bay

Win More Deals.

Empower your sales team with more intelligence so they can focus on prospects with a higher propensity to buy, and have more informed conversations – driving shorter sales cycles and more revenue for your business.

Create a seamless handoff
of qualified leads to your sales team

Lead handoff

Get lead intelligence and hot prospects prioritization
right within the CRM view

Hot Prospects

Harness the power of Act-On in Gmail and Outlook,
for real-time notifications when prospects engage with your 1:1 email

Act-On Anywhere integrates with Microsoft Outlook
Kim Marchbank

“With Act-On, our sales team feels empowered — the website prospector tool enables them to see which leads are interacting with our campaigns, with scoring to help them know where to focus and prioritize.”

Marketing Director, TechSpace

Grow and Retain Customers.

Go beyond the sale. Create a unique customer-centric experience with thoughtful and continued communications to ensure high satisfaction rates, low churn rates, and lifelong brand advocates!

Understand customer engagement at the account level
and target messaging with attributes unique to that account


Drive product adoption, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty
with our easy to use email composer that empowers any marketer to send off personalized messages to customers.

Act-On email composer gif

“As soon as a prospect makes a purchase, we want to ensure they get the most out of their products. We use Act-On to send product tips and tricks, newsletters, training webinars, and more. Act-On has helped us maintain our 99.5% customer retention rate.”

VP of Customer Success, TouchTown

Make Your Brand’s Voice Heard.

Your brand’s voice is the message you portray to the market that represents your company values and how you differentiate yourselves against competitors.  This promise you’re making to your customers needs to be infused at every stage in your company’s growth and your customer’s lifecycle.

Maximize your brand message
across more digital channels with a social strategy that drives engagement

ASM Calendar

Maintain brand consistency
with Act-On content available in the tools you already use – WordPress, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Act-On Anywhere

Drive more visitors
to your website and monitor all interaction and touchpoints

SEO Audit
Paul Adamson

“With Act-On, we can monitor the digital footprint of our prospective customers as they navigate our site to better understand their challenges and supply them with the best content to help them through the discovery process.”

Director of Marketing and Business Development, Spinnaker

Measure Your Efforts. Prove ROI.

Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed. Prove the success of your marketing programs and campaigns by showing which ones directly impact your organization’s revenue and growth goals.

Measure, optimize, and see marketing’s impact
on business results with out-of-the-box reports

Act-On Reports

Easily export all of your engagement data
for custom analysis into your own BI tool

Data Studio Select Data
Ashlee Kays

“When you have separate systems it’s really hard to track accurate ROI and revenue back to a campaign, but with the reporting tools in Act-On directly tied to Salesforce – with those numbers – we’re getting real dollar amounts back to our campaigns.”

Creative Project Manager, Vitalware

Eliminate Data Silos.

Marketing technology works best when it’s connected – make sure the other apps you use are integrated with Act-On to get the most out your marketing automation implementation.

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