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Sales and Marketing Work Better Together

Act-On + CRM gives you the tools needed to accelerate and automate your entire lead management process. By joining these two powerful platforms, your data comes to life through more personalized communications, and more effective sales teams.
We offer more native CRM integrations than any other Marketing Automation Platform, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, Netsuite, and Infor.

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Integrate in 60 minutes or less

We guide you through each step to ensure data is in sync and sales tools are installed quickly and easily. In fact, we make it so simple to setup that most customers are up and running in less than 60 minutes, not days or weeks.

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Empower Sales to have Better Conversations

The best conversations start with understanding your prospect’s needs and interests. Your sales team must have easy access to their prospect’s complete engagement history, without ever having to leave the CRM. Act-On for CRM enables them to see emails clicked, web pages visited, content downloaded, and more, directly from the lead or contact record.

Hand off Leads Seamlessly in Real-Time

Send your hottest leads to CRM the moment they’re captured, while the rest go to lead nurturing programs. Act-On forms are wired directly to your CRM so you can specify which leads get pushed automatically with a flip of a switch.

Act-On CRM Push

Hot Prospects

Increase Effectiveness with Automated Lead Prioritization

Sales no longer has to waste time asking the question, “Who do I call first?” With Hot Prospects built into their CRM view, they have a list of their most engaged leads and contacts readily available to them at any time.

Connect Your Custom Records for Enhanced Segmentation

We understand that your data can go beyond the standard records of leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. With Advanced CRM Mapping, we give you the ability to integrate this data to enhance your segmentation and create more personalized engagement for your customers.

Act-On Advanced CRM Mapping

Act-ON personalized CRM sync

Personalize Communications with Your CRM Data

Creating messages that are tailored to the individual is easy when your data is always up to date between platforms. Act-On’s automated two-way sync gives you full control of your data, with the reliability and confidence to power your marketing programs with dynamic content.

Explore other CRM Integrations available through our valued partners:

We have a number of integrations available through partners, custom packages, as well as our APIs.

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