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True to their name, automated programs let you automate key processes and tasks that are critical to campaign success, yet are labor-intensive when managed by hand. With Act-On, you can point, click, drag, and drop your way to a well-built marketing machine. Set up lead nurturing, segment lists, score and distribute leads, and trigger offers when someone performs a specific action.

Act-On lead nurturing
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Automated program

Smart, simple workflows and logic

Act-On gives you the tools to quickly and easily set up strategic campaigns that deploy automatically based on your pre-programmed rules. From simple messages to highly sophisticated campaigns, Act-On’s automated programs allow you to use conditional “if-then” logic to trigger the next step in a campaign. You can set rules to automatically trigger emails, sync lists, and update data fields.

The result? Self-perpetuating campaigns that deliver targeted, personalized messages – and at enormous scale – without a hitch.

Cultivate hot opportunities with lead nurturing

Set up email nurture campaigns that deliver timely content and offers to leads based on where they are in the funnel, their attributes, what actions they take, and more. Lead nurturing keeps your brand top-of-mind with prospective customers via interval-based email messages that offer targeted content meant to educate and engage prospective customers as they move through their buying journey.

Dramatically reduce resource time and labor costs by creating your email campaigns just once, and then letting them run on autopilot per your instructions.

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Act-On lead nurturing
Automated Programs

Lead management

All leads are not created equal. Act-On automated programs and list maintenance programs help you clean, score, sort, and distribute leads based on their quality and behavior. Increase close rates by combining lead scoring capabilities with an automatic hand-off to sales when leads hit a score threshold indicating they’re ready to buy. High quality leads can be passed directly to your CRM for sales follow-up, while marketing can focus efforts on engaging leads with lower scores.

Trigger programs

Strike while the iron is hot! Use triggering to effectively respond to specific actions and behaviors, and keep users engaged with your brand. Send a welcome email to new blog subscribers, a reminder to complete a shopping cart order, or a discount code when someone on your list has viewed a demo. Act-On can help you automate your essential marketing programs, so you can say hello to increased performance, lower costs, and higher sales.

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Act-On’s fresh approach to marketing automation and email marketing gives you full functionality without the complexity other systems impose on you. Our streamlined user interface puts first-rate marketing tools at your fingertips, making campaigns and programs easier and faster. Integrate your CRM, webinar management and other tools too, most with one click.

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